“A Fusion of Cultures”
– a Memoir by Estela Dorn


Who doesn’t love a good story especially when it is fun to read? This is what I had in mind when I decided to write my memoir two years ago in Manila, Philippines. After months of interruption during travels and volunteering at Mobile International Festival, the book will finally be available soon in Mobile and other cities including the Philippines.

So, why another memoir, you might ask? There is a myriad of memoirs and biographies in bookshelves by famous people and the not-so-famous people. I can easily qualify that there is always room for another one. This title tells all! It is written in a lighthearted and animated way. It is funny and entertaining. The storytelling is at its best – so much like my personality.

I will take you on a journey from my childhood in the Philippines. Meet my families. Feel the youthful camaraderie of schoolmates. Enjoy the company of friends. Travel to cities in many countries and learn about different cultures. Experience working abroad in Teheran, Iran. Fall in love. And live in two southern cities … New Orleans, Louisiana, and Mobile, Alabama. Finally, travel around the world through Mobile International Festival, where I retired as Executive Director in 2010.

If that is not enough, then in the end you will learn to be fascinated with life as lived by me, Estela Dorn!

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