Book Launching of “A Fusion of Cultures - A Memoir by Estela Dorn”


You heard it right, Estela is going to launch her book at the August 5th meeting of Mobile International Festival. Be there and be among the first to get a glimpse of the book! Why at the festival meeting? Simple, Estela starts her memoir with her childhood and in between she talks about family, jobs including working in Teheran, Iran, love and marriage, adventures around the world and ends it with Mobile International Festival. We all know the relationship of Estela with the festival.

The book is written in a light-hearted and animated way that will entertain you and have you laughing at some anecdotes. You might even find your name in the book because she talks about her friendship with many at the festival and around town.

The books will not be available for sale yet; however, you can place your advance orders now! Right now, is already live! Follow her at this web site. Scheduled book readings and signings around Mobile and many pictures are on her web. You can also email her at

See you there at the launching and, of course, the meeting to prepare everyone for the 30th anniversary of Mobile International Festival!

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