“I’m presently reading your book and it’s hard to put it down. There’s a wealth of information on our family. Thanks for writing the book.
Gloria Gustilo Tamisin Berkheimer
Black Diamond, Washington”

"I really enjoyed your book. I admired you so much for all you have done, the capability and strength you have put in every single thing you did. Also, you took me to back to our high school days and I could really see with my own eyes what you wrote." — Maria Angela De Vincenzi, Genoa, Italy

“I must congratulate you for an interesting account of your life and experiences. I could not put the book down, but had to since dinner was ready. I will continue to read and
maybe finish reading the masterpiece tomorrow. When I was reading it, I could imagine you standing next to me telling your story."
Maripi Guevarra, Las Vegas, Nevada

"Estela has written a wonderful book." — Phyllis Henson, Mobile, AL

What they're saying...


“I finished reading your book from cover to cover. I love it! When I received my order, I couldn’t wait to read it. I could picture the Estela I know – funny, always cheerful, happy go lucky. After reading the book, I felt like I didn’t want to stop and was looking for more. I would love to buy more of “A Fusion of Cultures” to give as Christmas gifts because I want to share books that I enjoy. I’m waiting for your next book.”

—Lilia Avendano
South San Francisco

“You will love it, check it out!”

—Mary Fowlkes, Mobile, AL

Curl up on a cozy chair and get to know Estela better through her book as she talks about her life experiences and lessons learned from different cultures and travels.

—Patty J. Korin
Falls Church, Virginia

It was a privilege to be the first to read the book detailing Estela Dorn’s life and experiences. As I read the first lines, I heard her voice, her cadences and intonations … for she writes just the way she speaks. Anyone who knows Estela will also surely hear her speak as they read about her life.

I can almost believe that I am a part of Estela’s family now. After reading the first chapter, I feel as if I know every member of that remarkable clan, and now I know a bit about what it is like to grow up in the Philippines.

She describes experiences that are exciting and filled with tension as well as those that will make the reader laugh. Estela does not hold back … even her embarrassing situations are related. She lays it all on the line with total honesty.

The last chapter allowed me to relive the history and the many
accomplishments of the Mobile International Festival, and to share the pride that we all feel for Mobile’s prime cultural event.

This is a wonderful story about the very full life of a talented and gracious lady. Anyone can enjoy reading “A Fusion of Cultures”, but for those who know Estela, it is a “must read”.

—Turner Rogers, Ph.D.
Mobile, Alabama, USA

It has been said: To remember our past is to appreciate the present and look to the future with hope. Family is where we first learn to be human. It provides us with definition, support, a source of security and uncertainty.

Although Estela credits her mother, Tita Criste, for making sure she met many of our relatives, it was Estela’s sense of family and natural ability to relate with people that put flesh to this book.

A Fusion of Cultures” is an intimate, personal narrative of a life well-lived, infused with insightful humor, appreciation and love. Thank you for this unique gift of appreciation of family!

—Ma. Teresa Gustilo Villasor, Ph.D.
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

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